Job Ref.
: Agriculture/Forestry
: VN, Binh Duong
Salary range
: $1,500 - $2,000
Job Type
: Permanent full-time

Job description


  • Developing and lead for Crop strategy to maximize MS% gain and the value of gross profit growth.
  • Secure timely, intelligent trailing and product evaluation (cooperate with PDS team) for new hybrids from PLC 6.1 and onward (full responsibility from PLC 6.2 on ward) to build strong pine line
  • Responsible to plan and run the annual PAC meetings and responsible to promote process via PAAS system.
  • Develop Crop Business Plan and strategy market development
  • Lead & supervise the timely collection & interpretation of market data, product profiles, long term forecast …
  • Implementing and control all actions towards registration, PVP…and ensure they are implemented and executed by product teams.
  • Secure timely, intelligent trailing and product evaluation for new hybrids from PLC 6.1 (cooperate with PDS function) and onward. Trials to be done in accordance with standard procedures. Take decisions and propose promotions of varieties based on the results.
  • Develop a complete technical knowledge of all varieties in PLC 6.2 and later and be able to provide technical and variety specific technical data for marketing manager/sales staff (to complete guidance) and communicate with farmers
  • Active with PMCM on manage life cycles and develop the assortment for EWS-HMTD, including:
  • Secure a focus on the key crops, and rationalisation of other hybrid crops, OP.
  • For new varieties introductions, follow up with Plant and PDS/R&D to ensure trouble free supply of sample seed through to PLC 6.2 stage.
  • Responsible to promote product to PLC 6.2 and MI via PAAS system, responsibility to make long term forecast for new MI.
  • Control all actions towards registration, PVP … and ensure they are implemented and executed by country teams.
  • Strong connect to PMCM to develop products portfolio and identify profitable access to third party hybrids (where and when necessary).
  • Take the lead position for the following:

·  Represents local (strategic) business interests for key crop(s) in the PMC forum.

·  Develop on a continuous basis, a complete knowledge and understanding of competitor activity, sales, market potential, development market and trends.

Be a member of the S&M management team responsible to:

  • Interpret market data to set priorities and objectives.
  • Cooperate to marketing manager to develop innovative and holistic marketing campaigns to maximize the market share capture and value creation, especially for new introductions, new segmentation.
  • Create value for value chain players and advises Local Sales & Marketing Teams on models to capture value
  • Develop proposals for appropriate package and treatment offers for the different customer segments to maximize the value creation for EWS.
  • Controls the execution of building Prices and, with consultation S&M director, marketing manager, PMCM to secure proper value capture via trait value base pricing.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor/Master of Agronomist
  • Good knowledge of the vegetables seeds industry3-5 years’ experience on Product Management or Product development of vegetable or sustainable agriculture development.
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Good in English
  • Able to work independently
  • Team player
  • Creative, proactive, decisive, convincing
  • Good level of leadership and people management
  • Visionary
  • Commercial sense
  • Solid computer skills.
  • Can travel to EWS areas of operation
  • Adaptability to a new organizational environment

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