Invesment Manager

Date post: Jul 2, 2018
$4000 - $5000

Business Details :


  • Implement the Company's strategic business plan, specifically in developing the sector and sub-sector  investment focuses;
  • In connection with the Company's investment philosophy, selection and evaluation criteria, and risk management procedures; ensure that investments are made in accordance with the direction and processes approved by the Board;
  • Identifying, sourcing and evaluating the viability of potential investment opportunities through conducting analysis, financial modeling, feasibility studies, risk assessments, valuation and due diligence, including but not limit to:
  1. Research and Analysis: perform research to identify relevant trends and opportunities across new and existing markets, develop and maintain of equity and industry research database and in charge of in-house strategic research products;
  2. Financial modelling: develop and run detailed financial models for new or existing development projects
  3. Commercial underwriting: support investment case by  developing key assumptions and gathering information to support the assumptions
  4. Sourcing new potential projects from various channels, conducting commercial negotiations & investment execution
  5. Transaction structuring: work closely with corporate service teams, e.g. Finance, Tax, Legal and Technical etc to identify and execute appropriate transaction structures
  6. Transaction Support: assist in the formation of investment strategies, sourcing and joint venture partnerships.
  • Originate, review investment proposals and deal completion schedules for presentation to CIO and/or CEO of the firm;
  • Managing and monitoring investments (made) to ensure compliance with agreed terms and conditions, information from investee companies are received in a timely fashion, operational risks and any irregularities of KPI/performance of asset are identified early and remedial actions taken promptly;
  • Initiate and manage the divestment process (exit) in order to maximize return
  • Assist CIO and/or CEO in fund’s reporting and planning activities as related to investment of the firm;
  • Proactively keep abreast with economic,  fiscal, social and political developments of local and global markets, and assess their impact on the investment climate, so as to design and propose appropriate investment strategies to the CIO and/or CEO and Investment Committee, and keeping investment strategies adaptive to investment climate changes; 
  • Establish, develop and maintain a strong and extensive network of business contacts within the public and private sector institutions, particularly international business network as to assist firm in the execution of assets monitoring schemes/projects and maximization of value of the investment, including but not limited to bring-in international expertise to investee companies and off-shore investment banks/buyers during the exiting cycle of the investment;
  • Other duties assigned by the CIO and/or CEO.


  • The successful candidate will be a seasoned, experienced investment executive with a minimum of 5 years related experience typically gained with a leading private equity houses, advisory firms or investment banks, of which at least 2 years of experience similar to the post of Manager in reputable corporates;
  • Proven experience in managing people, processes, and performance;
  • Proven track record of sourcing, structuring, managing and exiting of successful private equity deals;
  • A post graduate degree from an accredited institution in business administration, economics, finance and related principles is a must;
  • Internationally accredited professional financial analyst or finance/accounting/investment certificate (such as CFA, CAIA, ACCA, etc.) would also be preferable.

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