IE Engineer

Date post: May 22, 2019
Our client is a US multinational corporation that provides design, production and product management services for global electronics companies.

Business Details :

Job Description: 

  • Plans studies to determine the most efficient sequence of operations and workflow, and recommends methods for maximum utilization of production equipment and personnel.
  • Monitor and continuously improve daily quality/efficiency performance for assigned areas.
  • Design and procure production tooling, processing equipment and workstations.
  • Coordinate layout and workstation move activities.
  • Prepares time estimates for proposed projects and evaluates time factors.
  • Minimize change over time by ensuring programs use common set-ups where possible.
  • Verify that machine maintenance is being performed on schedule.
  • Reduce machine-generated scrap by monitoring machine management data and taking corrective action to improve or correct the operations.
  • Reduce manual assembly scrap by monitoring quality data and taking corrective action to improve or correct the operations.
  • Studies functional statements, organization charts, and project information to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to identify areas of duplication.
  • Analyzes work force utilization, facility layout, and operational data such as production costs, process flow charts, and production schedules, to determine efficient utilization of workers and equipment.
  • Recommends methods for improving worker efficiency and reducing waste of materials and utilities such as restructuring job duties, reorganizing work flow, relocating work stations and equipment, and purchase of equipment.
  • May provide work leadership and training to lower level professional employees.

Job Requirement: 

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred (major in Industrial Management or Industrial System Engineering)
  • 1-3 years experience in same positions (Innovation Engineer/ IE Engineer/ CI Engineer/ Improvement Engineer, etc.) (For Level II/III: 3-9 years experiences)
  • Good knowledge about Kaizen, Kanban/ pull system, Lean, Six-sigma, Line Balancing, layout designing, Standardization, visual management, moonshine activity.
  • Good at English communication.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit.
  • Willing to learn and hard-working.


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