General Accountant

Date post: May 24, 2019
Our client is a Swizeland company
$700 - $800

Business Details :

Bank and cash 

  1. Bank reconciliation with HSBC and close cash and bank system 
  2. Cross-check payments for signatures and posting to HSBC 
  3. Input payments to SAP 

Payables & receivables 

  1. Posting invoices for payment and record bank for cash in from customers
  2. IC balance reconciliation with IC SIG and SIG purchasing 


  1. TS24, Tax online & adhoc issues
  2. VAT input  invoices reconciliation with monthly VAT report and suppliers
  3. CIT reconciliation monthly, quarterly and yearly

Human resources and insurance 

  1. TA3 reconciliation with payments relevant to hotel, reimburse local business trip 
  2. Social, Health, Unemployment Insurance reconciliation with Insurance department & payment next month, report on in and out, salary increment 
  3. TA3 reconciliation with payroll & local daily allowance, overtime, MDA report for payroll before 25


Accounting  General Accountant  HCMC 

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