Asset Management Director

Date post: Jul 2, 2018
$5000 - $6000

Business Details :

Responsibilities for Investee Support and Supervision of Deal Managers in conjunction with Investment Director:

  • Co-establish and execute the investee support and monitoring plan with Deal Managers after deal closing. This plan is submitted to Board of Directors for approval.
  • Manage improvement projects at investees led by the firm, such as in areas of corporate governance, strategy formulation and execution, financial management improvement, etc. normally in working with reputed advisors such as Big 4.
  • In coordination with Investment Director, supervise Deal Managers in investee support and investee performance in terms of compliance of signed transaction agreements and monitoring plan approved by Board of Directors.
  • Acts as Interim CFO at investees when required, normally between after deal closing until an official, full-time CFO appointed at investees.


Responsibilities for Legal, Risk and Financial Management

  • The AMD acts as Secretary of Board of Directors and Secretary of General Meetings of Shareholders (GMS) and together with Finance Manager manages a record of all corporate documents of the company, including but not limited to Investment Certificates, Proxies, Meetings, Resolutions passed, Notices served, Changes in the Charter and other matters of importance concerning the corporate administration of the Company.
  • The AMD shall also focus on the risk management activities of the firm to ensure the minimization of operational risks including: identification of key risks and mitigating controls in firm’s investment operation – including major risks of investee companies that can significantly affect shareholders values, as well as action plans to address any gaps in the mitigating measures identified, monitoring the implementation of action plans to address the risks and risk control process.
  • As a member of Company’s management and Internal Investment Committee, the AMD will to provide independent evaluation on specific investment opportunities prior to submission of such investment opportunities to the Investment Committee. During the investment and divesture transaction execution stage, the AMD is responsible for leading role in managing third parties’ transaction service vendors, which include but not limited to commercial, financial, tax, legal, and technical advisory services, as well as the entire transaction execution process.
  • The AMD oversees Finance Manager for areas of Accounting, Finance, Tax, Internal Audit and External Financial Audit. He/she has the primary responsibility for creation of an overall budget. He will develop key performance measures (both financial and non-financial) that are linked to the firm’s long-term goals and objectives;

Requirements of Working Experience and Education

  • Base of financial management experience spanning 10 to 15 years duration with a track record of successful cash management, financial reporting, financial analysis, corporate finance, investment analysis and financial information systems;
  • Prior experience as a AMD/Chief Financial Officer. Prior experience within a private equity houses, hedge funds, investment banks, or financial services firm would be a plus;
  • A track record of successful performance as a financial technician within all facets of the discipline from tax and budgetary planning to merger and acquisition due diligence, bank relations and financial communications;
  • Will possess strong communication skills to effectively communicate with executive management, staff, investors, operating line employees, banks, finance companies;
  • A master’s degree in finance or business administration, or an internationally accredited professional accounting certificate, such as CPA or ACCA is a must.

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