Invesment Director

Date post: Jul 2, 2018
$7000 - $8000

Business Details :

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the Investment team to source high quality deals into investment for the fund; 
  • Actively supervise investment team in deal screening process and ensure firm’s engagement with deal processing and negotiation to be focused on quality and executable transactions.
  • Assist CEO to supervise investment team through-out the entire transactions process including research, due diligence, financial modeling, valuation, deal structure, transaction negotiation and closing;
  • Prepare and present investment proposal to the CEO, Investment Committee (IC), and Board of Directors;
  • Lead investment team of to achieve investment team’s KPI as regulated by the business plan, investment mandates, and direction of the CEO, Investment Committee, and the Board of Directors;
  • Provide close guidance and direction to investment team, and also ensure the required risk parameters, reviews and monitoring processes are in place to maintain quality portfolios and provide for prudent investment decision making. 
  • Design and implement post-investment monitoring plan to investees in order to ensure maximum returns on investment;
  • Actively involved in value creation activities of the investee companies, including but not limited to institutional capability enhancement, corporate governance improvement, business strategy advisory, corporate performance supervision, and shareholders values maximization;
  • Initiate and manage the divestment process (exit) in order to maximize return;
  • Proactively keep abreast with economic,  fiscal, social and political developments of local and global markets, and assess their impact on the investment climate, so as to propose appropriate investment strategies to the CEO and Investment Committee, and keeping investment strategies adaptive to investment climate changes; 
  • Supervise investment team and directly involved in development and maintenance of equity and industry research database and in charge of in-house strategic research products;
  • Acquire strong knowledge of existing local laws and regulations and be alerted to the changes to the laws, regulations, and practices as well as the effectson existing investments and/or enhance current and future investment opportunities and to optimize exit opportunities in order to achieve the best returns for the Fund;

Requirements of Working Experience and Education

  • The successful candidate will be a seasoned, experienced investment executive with a minimum of 10 years related experience typically gained with a leading private equity houses, advisory firms or investment banks, of which at least 3 years of experience similar to the post of Director in reputable corporates;
  • Proven experience in managing people, processes, and performance;
  • Proven track record of sourcing, structuring, managing and exiting of successful private equity deals;
  • Degree from an accredited institution in business administration, economics, finance and related principles is a must;
  • Internationally accredited professional financial analyst or finance/accounting/investment certificate (such as CFA, CAIC, ACCA, etc.) would also be preferable.

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