Python Django backend developer

Date post: Nov 1, 2019
Our client is IT company which provides maintenance and asset management solution designed for the service industry and field service management.
$1000 - $1200

Business Details :

Skill and Experience:
1. Working experience with Python development is a MUST with Django as the primary 
choice for Web framework
2. Django REST framework
3. Experience with Asynchronous task queues (Hue, Redis, Pusher is in use)
4. Working experience with MySQL and/or Postgres as the db 
5. AWS - EC2 instance and Route 53 are in use
6. Proven knowledge on Python / Django TDD and popular python libraries
7. Knowledge of continuous integration is MUST - (Jenkins and Bitbucket is in Use)
8. English for communication is mandatory since the team is international.
9. Used to working with Agile methodology in development teams and tools like Jira
10. Knowledge of Google Map APIs, Sendgrid Email templating, GraphQL
1. Write efficient, reusable and documented code
2. Refactor and clean old code
3. Develop new functionalities to meet product team requirements
4. Maintain the current platform so that the customer experience is seamless
5. Participate with other developers in team in daily scrum meeting and weekly sprint 
5. Continuous Integration and deployment 
6. Preparation of estimations of development efforts and time
1. Send a cover letter with your CV and state your expected salary
2. Once your CV is shortlisted, we will conduct a face to face interview along with a online 
interview over skype / hangout
3. Then A programming interview will be conducted where will be briefed on our existing 
system structure and you will be asked to modify/update/implement certain parts.



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