Senior Automation Software Developer

Date post: Feb 17, 2020
Our company is an automation company, which have many reputations in the automation market
$900 - $1500

Business Details :

Job description

A Level 2 engineer is in charge of software development for process optimization control tasks and might need to develop applications in one or several of these main sectors:

1.Software development for visual applications including web applications

2.Software development for real-time data acquisition, closed-loop control and setup optimisation

3.Process modelling

4.Data analysis.

The tools used for programming are mainly highl-level and new generation programming systems like Visual Studio (for task 1, 2 and 3), Python and MATLAB (for task 4) and Oracle/SQLServer.

All these tasks are subject of continuous improvement. In some cases the candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate in innovation projects: in particular the task 3 includes the need of being able/interested in reading scientific literature in the field and collaborate with universities.


  • Degree preferably in Electronic Engineering/Computer Science Engineering.
  • Degree in Mechanical or Material Engineering with attitude to software programming is also desired.
  • A PhD in control systems technology is a plus.
  • Desired Technical Skills

The Micorsoft programming environment is generally of interest.

A previous expertise in one or many of the following programming fields with a fair knowelegde of the Object Oriented principles is appreciated:

1.Software developer of visual applications:

a.Micorsoft Visual Studio C#

b.Micorsoft Windows Presenation Fundation

c.Micorsoft Angular / ASP.NET


2.Software process modelling and control:

a.Micorsoft Visual Studio C++

b.Python and/or MATLAB

3.Design and maintenance of databases:


b.Microsoft SQLServer


  • Minimum 2 years of experience as software developer.
  • The knowledge of manufacturing processes and in particular of the metal industry is a plus.
  • Soft Skills
  • Ability to work in group: the ability to work with other team members and final customer staff/
  • Availability to travel and abilities to work with people from different countries.
  • Additional knowledge
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English


ASP.NET  C#  DevOps  IT 

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