Maintenance Manager

Date post: Jul 4, 2018
$1000 - $1200

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Job Description

  1. Job Title: Maintenance Manager
  2. Reporting To: Plant Manager
  3. Job Location: Vietnam
  4. Direct Reports: Maintenance Supervisor & maintenance team
  5. Roles: Responsible for engineering and maintenance activities of factory. Other duties are assigned based on job requirements.

Job Requirements


  • In charge of Engineering function for the operation.
  • Work closely with the Plant Manager, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, who is in charge Vietnam factories to improve reliability, compliance and efficiency
  • Manage engineering KPIs
  • Reduce downtime & improve factory efficiencies by adhering to an up-to-date preventative maintenance program
  • Take responsibility for planning and budget.


  • Responsible for maintenance for all machinery, equipment and buildings in line with required standards
  • Ensure the adequate systems and resources are developed to provide the adequate assistance to the factory
  • Create and implement maintenance procedures and policies to run the activity in a safe manner and respecting principles of food safety
  • Prepare Maintenance plan, record database of equipment & machines to manage schedule of repair & maintenance periodically
  • Ensure available relevant spare parts to minimise production disruptions due to equipment breakdowns.
  • Build and manage annual budget of repair and maintenance for the factory.
  • Train and develop Maintenance teams of the factory./.

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