Engineering Manager

Date post: Jul 12, 2018

Business Details :

Job Requirement:
1) Excellent in written and oral English
2) Mechanical education background above college degree, familiar with casting, forging, stamping and CNC machining
3) Well know international quality standard for metal parts
4) Over 3 years’ engineer management experience
5) Excellent skill in problem solving, communication and coordination with team members

Main Responsibilities:
1) Guide the engineering aspects of company
2) Act as a responsible director of the company
3) Manage a team of engineers
4) Ensure prompt and timely completion of engineering orders
5) Set & sign-off MS Project Base Lines
6) Evaluate & analyse conformance to all project Base Lines
7) Oversee, monitor & assist all work of the Engineers, as well as his/her own projects
8) Help to train members of the engineering department on new skills, processes and best engineering practices
9) Provide Quality department with Product & Quality specifications as necessary
10) Develop controls and systems in all parts of the engineering department and integrate these where applicable into Kingdee ERP system
11) Oversee and assist in the preparation of timelines for all engineering projects
12) Help to evaluate reliable and quality suppliers and develop good working relationships with them
13) Develop and improve cost controls within the engineering department
14) Help to develop the engineering elements of new products & new production methods
15) Support the Production & QC departments when required
16) Regular interaction with Sales & Marketing & QC
17) Departmental appraisals
18) Maintain daily/weekly contact with Managing Director and keep him informed of progress and issues


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