Sourcing Engineer

Date post: Jul 12, 2018
$800 - $1200

Business Details :

Main Responsibilities: 
1) Overall be responsible for supplier searching and cost estimating at company
2) Communicate with relevant departments to clarify the requirements and data of every project and enquiry for sourcing 
3) Assign projects to team members and explain the requirement and data to them 
4) Provide the guideline to team members and give them the necessary support 
5) Oversee the progress of all quotations within Estimating department and make sure we have enough information to feedback to the customer’s enquiries on time 
6) Weekly update the tracking list of all quotations 
7) Review and approve the cost estimation and quotation of each project submitted by team members 
8) Manage the team members and handle their appraisal regularly 
9) Search suitable suppliers for engineering projects and products 
10) Obtain quotation and other related information (lead time, payment term etc.) in time 
11) Break down the quotation and analyze the supplier’s cost is reasonable or not 
12) Develop all cost reduction programs in the engineering field 
13) Manage and publish the Approved Venders List regularly based on the result of supplier audit, launch the annual audit of suppliers 
14) Establish good working relationship with suppliers and update the suppliers’ contacts, reserve suppliers for all engineering projects 
15) Coordinate with engineers for new process development and research 
16) Undertake other related things assigned by superior 

Job Requirement:

1. Planning & Organising: 

All cost estimating and sourcing related work 

2. Problem Solving: 

Be responsible for suggesting alternative manufacturing methods, processes, tolerances or materials if requested specifications are neither achievable nor economical. Assist in specifying materials and processes when necessary. He/she shall solve the problems arise in sourcing or quotation by himself/herself or with Engineering, Development team, Marketing, Quality departments or Engineering Manager together. 
3. Decision Making: 

This role requires someone who is capable of making decisions by themselves as well as being able to sign-off on departmental decisions. Before a decision can be taken action it must be evaluated for its impact on other departments. Marketing department, Engineering department, Development team, Quality department and the appropriate members of staff from those areas should fully involve in the decision making process. 
Engineering Manager must receive regular reports of decisions made & the reasons behind such decisions. These reports must be recorded with its appropriate project for future reference. 

If the decision is felt to be of significant impact or agreement cannot be reached with other departments it is required that it be forwarded to the Managing director, with suggestions, for sign-off. 
4. Key Contacts & Relationships: 

Internal – Engineering department, Development team, Marketing department, Quality department and production department 
External – All Suppliers 
5. Knowledge, Skills & Experience needed for the Job: 

  •  Have good ability of spoken & written English 
  •  Have good communication skill and good negotiation skill 
  •  Be able to manage the time and get quotation on time 
  •  Have ability to manage supplier relationship 
  •  Be able to use MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 
  •  Have ability to read & understand engineering drawings 
  •  Be able to use ProE & SolidWorks to read and take dimensions from 3D model 
  •  Be careful, proactive and cooperative 
  •  Be honest and reliable, have high sense of responsibility 

6. Job Context & any other relevant information: 

The job is one of the key positions in the company. He/she needs to lead the Estimating department to estimate the cost of projects promptly and accurately, to find the suitable suppliers and get best prices, as well as keep the good relationships with suppliers. It plays a vital role for the company to win the orders at lowest costs.



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