QA Manager

Date post: Jul 2, 2018
$1000 - $1500

Business Details :

QA/ QC team
•  Define and manage resources needed to develop and maintain QA/QC team
•  Lead activities and responsibilities of QA/QC team of all factories in Vietnam
•  Assign job to team QA members ensure QMS is implemented
•  Manage performance of QA/QC team to ensure quality system is maintained and updated
Quality management system
•  Define resources needed to develop and implement QMS
•  Develop QMS at each factory
•  Coordinate with related external parties to achieve and maintain food safety & quality 
•  Support QA/QC team at the factories to investigate non-conformity & follow up 
corrective actions
•  Ensure QMS, HACCP are updated to changes
Product specification compliance
•  Work with production & sales to develop product specifications
•  Manage product control program to be implemented at all factories
•  Manage product release procedure to ensure specification compliance
•  Manage KPI for specification compliance
Food safety legislation compliance
•  Ensure produced products are met local food regulation as well as food safety regulation 
at destination countries
•  Ensure related food legislations are updated and communicate to QA & HACCP team.

Process control

•  Work with production to validate, verify process controls
Project development
•  Coordinate with related departments in projects development or any improvement/
change at factories
•  Review HACCP & QMS when new product/ packaging/ ingredient development
•  Define and manage training needed to maintain QMS
•  Ensure competency of QA team to implement and maintain quality & food safety system
•  Coordinate with production to train and ensure employees who concerned to food safety/ 
critical control points are adequate trained
Cost management
•  Define needed cost to maintain QA/QC activities
•  Report cost management of QA/QC to Board of Management
•  Report product specification compliance to Board of Management
•  Report performance of QMS and resources needed to develop and maintain the system at 
all factories
•  Report customer complaints to Board of Management
Other duties are assigned by the COO./.

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