Production Supervisor (Y)

Date post: Nov 20, 2018
Our client is packaging factory (FDI), they’re looking Production Supervisor
Binh Duong
$700 - $800

Business Details :

Main responsibility:

Coordinating technical and non-technical performance, operational and administration. Controlling production preparation, trial and end of production according to procedure that sets by customer.  

Ensure work process, activities and its result comply with HSE requirements and work procedure      

 Scope of operational responsibility:

1.  People Management 

- Build a positive environment and work relation by giving example of good manner and effective communication.

2.  Planning and Decision Making Authority

- Planning the improvement by following the technology development, process, and system to reach an efficient and effective result continually.

3. Scope of Operational Responsibilities 

- Control production output, reject percentage, raw material utilization and downtime. 

- Analyse to find the root cause when the machine/product got issue.

-  Coordinate related depts to improve and prevent future issue.

- Improve the process of the product, optimize the step that wasting the machine productivity. Make specific plans for machine improvements.

- Develop working procedures for subordinates to control the quality of products and machinery stably.

- Understand the principles of the machine and how to control the quality, prevent errors for the product

- Work directly with experts from the machine supplier when have new project.

- Technical training for subordinates (Technician, Packer)

- Arranging manpower based on the production plan.

- Control OT according to allowed OT number.

- Make reports weekly, monthly to analyze the points not matched  improvement plans.

- Arrange and located packer non shift to sort product according to the problem.

- Make submission of the sort packages to be checked by QC.

- Handing out rejected product from sort result to be grinded. 

- Arrange neatness of the products carried out separate between well and rejected products.

- Preserve neatness and cleanliness working area.  


Job qualification:

1.   Formal Education: Bachelor Degree / Diploma +

2. Experiences:  Minimum 2 years in related position

3.   Skills:

  • Good communication skill in English (Active)  
  • Have ability in Stretch Blow Molding 
  • Manpower management experience


Binh Duong  Packaging  Production Supervisor 

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