NPI Engineer - Bac Giang - Fluent in Chinese

Date post: May 17, 2019
Our client is the leading technology brand in the United States
Bac Giang
$500 - $700

Business Details :


  1. To lead the trial production of new products, including: trial production preparation at the factory, follow-up of the trial production process, summarizing trial production issues, verifying implementation of the improvement plan etc., and to ensure that new products can be smoothly introduced into mass production;
  2. Factory Process improvement (including manpower optimization, efficiency improvement, yield improvement, tooling fixtures optimization, etc.)
  3. Responsible for the quality management of overseas factories, timely feedback and solving the abnormalities of incoming materials, processes and inspection quality at the factory.
  4. To audit the factory from time to time to ensure that the abnormalities of the operators, process and equipment of the supplier can be timely reported and resolved.
  5. To monitor and analyze the data of factory ,including :QC inspection, yield , repair, etc., as well as to identify the improvement opportunities, supervise and coach suppliers to improve, and follow up implementation and effectiveness of improvement programs.
  6. To follow up the factory materials and production capacity status, and communicate with the fulfillment team at any time to ensure that the production plan and allocation of the factory can meet the needs of company.
  7. To regularly review and feedback the factory fulfillment status, identify risk points & improvement opportunities and drive improvement 
  8. To cooperate with the internal teams to ensure that the internal teams’ needs can be implemented on the factory side timely and effectively (such as engineering changes, RMA improvement, order information modification, etc.)


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical and electronic related fields;
  2. Fluent in both Chinese and Vietnamese, able to communicate with internal team and Vietnamese factory personnel smoothly;
  3. More than 5 years working experience in the electronics industry, and experience in the power industry resident engineers and manufacturing representatives is a plus
  4. Engineering or development background, understand the whole process of electronic product production;
  5. Experienced in quality management, and can effectively use quality tools to solve various problems at the factory;
  6. With strong logical thinking ability, coordination and communication ability and Trouble-shooting ability;
  7. With self-driven personality, good working attitude and strong sense of responsibility. 


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