Legal Assistant

Date post: Oct 15, 2019
Our company specializes in the distribution of high-end cosmetics is now looking for Legal Assistant
$1000 - $1500

Business Details :


External Legal & Compliances
Internal Compliances
Agent/Distributor Compliances


  • Review and ensure all corporate licenses are up-to-date, work with law firms to amend the corporate licenses when there are changes and revisions.
  • Work with law firms to announce to local DOIT
  • Prepare and review all Product licensing processes, work with law firms to register or re-register product licenses on time.
  • Main contact point towards external regulatory offices (MOIT, DOIT, VCA, MOH, Drug Admin, Food Admin, …)
  • Meet local inspection teams and work closely with inspectors in auditing sessions.
  • Propose expertise solutions to remediate company’s improper practices/ activities
  • Internal compliances: ensure all operations in the company are fully complied with current effective regulations
  • Agent compliances: Contact point to Agents for business issues (related to Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, violations, discounting websites, price dumping, …)
  • Handle complaints from Agents related to Code of Conduct/ Ethics
  • Open/Close cases to solve complaints, terminate the contract with agents, penalties, …
  • Ensure all local regulatory reports to VCA and local government offices to be finished on time.
  • To be trainer regarding to local regulations and laws for internal staffs and external agents/ distributors.



  • A Graduate degree in Law or relevant degrees.
  • Previous experience (7-10 years) in legal/compliance positions.
  • Mature and dynamic, passion in Legal and Compliance area.
  • Strong and confident communicator, persuasive in negotiations
  • Experience in dealing with Government regulators and inspectors
  • Business-oriented and good manners in working with customers/ distributors
  • Strong leadership to manage external government bodies and legal firms
  • Work independently and result-oriented
  • Advanced English


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