Regional Sales Manager

Date post: Oct 16, 2020
Our company is a big company in agricultural production

Business Details :

  • Job Title:  Regional Sales Manager   
  • Department:  Sales   
  • Reports to: Country Sales Manager 

Main Purpose
​  – 
​ what is the main objective/purpose of the role?  
● The RSM is the person to lead and manage the Sales Team in achieving short-term and strategic business objectives in line with product marketing strategies aimed at increasing market share and competitive advantage by advancing EWS products that support farmers to increase household income. In addition to providing technical 
support, crop solution, and converting cropping patterns. 
●  He/she has the great opportunity to explore new market/ new product lines to increase revenue and profit for 
HMTD and have an opportunity to become a higher position in the organization. 
●  He/she needs to attract, develop, motivate and retain sales talent in the region to meet the challenges of achieving 
sales goals to contribute to the growth, quality of the vegetable farming industry in Vietnam and re-establish EWS 
as the favorite brand of vegetable seed in appointed region  

​  – 
​ list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures. These should 
be clearly the responsibilities of the JOB HOLDER. 
● Achievement of annual sales target, sales forecast accuracy, gain market share, profitability, AR 
management, Channel inventory management, etc. in line with agreed local product strategies. 
Implementation of agreed trading terms and pricing schemes for all products 
● Formulation and implementation of the local distribution strategy with Quality and profitability 
of customer accounts in the seed business (dealers, collectors, cooperatives…) and technology 
services in line with overall marketing direction and goals 
● Planning, implementation, and monitoring of campaigns within the distribution system inline 
with marketing plans (farmers meeting, sales event, field day, ….) 
● Gathering and submission of up-to-date and accurate market information pertaining to market 
potential , competition marketing, and sales strategies and programs, trends and developments in 
the distribution chain 
● Collaboration with PDS & Marketing manager in selecting new products, defining and 
implementing technical support programs for the SalesForce

● Contribution to company development strategic, pricing, positioning… 

● People (team) development 
● People (team) development 
● Training and coaching

Achievement sale budget  
❏ Manage sales activities to achieve budget by sale policy 
❏ Manage inventory in the channel 
❏ Making orders 
❏ Manage AR situation   
Develop/manage distribution channel system  
❏ Develop dealers network (key/nonkey dealers) 
❏ Connecting sub-dealers/collector network 
Demands generation  
❏Create demand through planning and implementing marketing campaigns. 
Market Updated  

❏Collecting and sharing market information update (completion, market trend, channel…) 
❏Cooperate on building market opportunity in region 

Develop New products  

❏Joining evaluation of new product 
❏ Manage Demo fields for PDS 2 
❏Contribute on build solution for farmers


❏ Learn-ability: ability to learn by self and from others 
❏Team player: willingness to collaborate with colleagues to achieve joint objectives 
❏  Open-minded: openness to others' ideas, encouraging innovation, thinking out-of-box  
❏People developer: ability to mentor and coach team members  
❏Adaptability: able to drive change, ability to manage uncertainty and ambiguity 
❏  Integrity: Being honest, ethical and aligned to EWS value and purpose

Required Skills: 
❏ Leadership, Communication, Training & Coaching, Supervising, Negotiation and Analytical 
​ Project and Budget Management, Change Management, Networking, Computer literacy 
❏ Key Account Management 
Personal Attributes:      

  • ​ Able to work independently 
  • Team player 
  • Creative, proactive, decisive, convincing 
  • Good level of leadership and people management 
  •  Visionary 
  • Commercial sense 
  • ​​ Adapt to new working environment 
  • ​Solid computer skills. 
  • Speak English is preferable 


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