Product Manager- Cosmetics

Date post: Nov 3, 2021
Our company specializes in manufacturing high-end cosmetics from countries around the world
$1700 - $2100

Business Details :

1.  Trade Marketing (30%) 
•   Assist Brand Manager in the initiating,  development, coordination, and monitoring  of 
assigned marketing activities 
•   Contribute  to the development  and submission of the annual plan of promotional 
activities by brand, customer, period in cooperation with  the operation department and 
one the basis of analyses, marketing evaluations, analyses of historical trends 
•   Contribute  to the implementation  of the marketing plan, performing the relevant checks 
and recommending corrective actions 
•   Propose visual merchandising  activities and maintain  best appearances for the counter, 
distributor's and agent' counters; including but not limited to counter decoration 
concepts, visual renewing and updating, amongst others 
•   Prepare and present assigned product/brand business reviews and forecasts to support 
for the ordering 
•   Maximize branding, push sales through promotion marketing activities  with ensuring of 
customer growth 
•   Monitor promotion execution in counters, key performance indicators and report to all 
•   Assure budget allocated for marketing expense categories, contributing  to profitability 
goals for assigned markets 
•   Co-monitor agencies for product event, activations, promotion-related co-brand activities 
or sales events (Private sales, training for partners, etc.….) 
2.  PR & Digital Management  (25%) 
•   Development  and implementation  of PR, Digital Calendar and Plan in alignment  with 
Global Communications  guidelines and Brand Strategy. Monitor KPI and results 
•   Work with  Brand Manager and Global/Regional Marketing to build local digital platforms 
(Facebook, websites, etc.), leveraging brand existing assets (Instagram, YouTube) to adapt 
for the market while maintaining  the brand guidelines and global alignment  across 
•   Work and manage a local PR and Digital Agency  to develop, localize the platforms, and 
build social media strategy, content  and activities  to make sure all the brand guidelines 
are adhered to. Map out the matrix, analytics and KPI 
•   Monitor competitors' PR/Digital activities, growth and market trends on a monthly  basis 
and have an action plan and proposal according to the market movement 
•   Where it is required by Global/Regional, work with  PR and Digital agencies on PR/Digital 
studies/consumers or user insights/competitors'  watch  and reports 
•   Build and maintain  great relationships with KOLs and Influencer  Program (beauty editors, 
bloggers, media, industry freelance artists, stylists, designers, tastemakers, photographers, 
creative directors, celebrities, etc.) 
•   Manage product seeding, product information,  press release following the brand calendar 
to maximize brand exposure and awareness 
•   Consolidate press/online clippings and monthly  reports 
3.   Events (10%) 
•    Work with Retail Operations Manager & Education Manager and Counter Chiefs/Store 
Managers in planning, preparing and implementing  Retail Events, counter activities and 
the training required for the artists participating in the relevant activities 
•    Work closely with  Brand Manager and Retail Operations Manager & Education Manager 
in preparing for Event activities if any 
•   Consolidate and report event results 
4.  Customers and other external relationships (5%) 
•   Develop and maintain  collaborative relationships with  press, KOL, agencies, editors, and 
other partners to get support when needed 
•   Establish new relationships with  potential corporate partners  
 •   Monitor, analyze and evaluate product performance and customer feedback to generate 
new campaign ideas to meet customer needs 
5.  Ensuring profits (5%) 
•   Optimize online marketing expense by combined dealings with  publishers and media 
booking agencies 
•   Manage digital marketing activities  within  approved budget. 
•   Review ROI of digital marketing activities  and propose any adjustment/  investment. 
(e.g Optimize conversion rate of customers from online to offline.) 
•   Optimize performance of content,  media, product via e-commerce platform to reach sale 
contribution  target. 
•   Optimize quality of new customer to input  to CRM offline system 
6.  New Business Development (5%) 
•   Monitor, analyze and evaluate domestic market trends, consumer behavior and 
competitor activity  to identify market opportunities for the product. 
•   Support in corporate sales activities  (contact and communication). 
7.  Quality and Productivity  (5%) 
•   Analyze online traffic analytics and propose actions to improve marketing campaign 
•   Keep updated with  law regulations related to digital marketing and ensure full 
compliance. Get support and advice from Operations Department where needed. 
•   Monitor and continuously  improve quality of digital marketing activities  in order to 
ensure ROI. 
•   Review and approve content marketing (traditional & digital) prepared by team. Ensure 
compliance to Brand DNA, Group’s MVW and local law regulations. 
•   Analyze productivity  of digital marketing activities.  Propose improvement plans to Brand 
Manager and implement  them. 
•  Marketing  
•  PR & Digital  Management  
•  Event  & CRM  Management  
Job Requirements 

•  University Degree or equivalent  Advanced Diploma in Marketing 
•  Minimum  5 years’ experience in digital marketing and/or social media communications  within 
FMCG or Retail industry and /or relevant experience in online marketing in related industries 
•  Good industry knowledge and network of relationships in the industry – with  customers, 
distributors, retailers, suppliers, advertising agencies, and other business partners 
•  Display in-depth  knowledge about various social media platforms and how they use these 
platforms to create campaigns 
•  Creative, conceptual  thinking, strong co-ordination and interpersonal skills, attention  to details  
•  Results-oriented, with  a strong drive to meet objectives and prestige cosmetics high standards. 



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