Logistics Supervisor (FMCG- Male) - Urgent

Date post: Jul 16, 2018
$1200 - $1500

Business Details :

Our client is a multinational company specializing in FMCG industry


Anticipate and plan the activities of reception, storing and picking, make an appointment for replenishment from warehouse in order to keep 100 % service level, maintain correct inventory record and keep warehouse clean and tide, manage & supervise warehouse activities by third party, and guarantee on time and claim-free delivery of shipping order : auditing and ensuring the third party operation relating expenses, making monthly activity reports, and checking / maintaining warehouse security systems and risk-free facility, well knowing and controlling the warehouse expenses, doing the management of working time efficiently, and well training new comer.

-. Inventory level.
-. Security and safety of the facilities.
-. Conformity to job procedures.
-. The degree of knowledge on duties.
-. Job sharing status with colleagues.
-. Audit third party logistics provider’ s operation and its expenses
-. Warehouse expenses follow-up with the budget.
-. Updated contracted price of MRO ( Maintenance, Repair, and Operating suppliers )

Interacts with all levels throughout organization; distributors, customers, and vendors.

The following are the minimum qualifications which an individual needs in order to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.

-. University Diploma + at least 5 year experience in warehousing and inventory management area.
-. Highly enthusiastic to learn logistics and warehouse management.
-. Excellent PC( excel, word processing, power point) skills.
-. Excellent communication skill in courteous manner.
-. Ability to analysis and solve problems.
-. Strong customer-oriented mind to inside and outside company.
-. Ability to be well harmonized working with other staff within the company.
-. Ability to organize workload for effective implementation.
-. Ability to function as an effective team member.
-. Ability to function as a team leader.
-. Ability to take on new challenge and motivate team member.
-. Ability to endlessly do self-development as the external environment and organization evolves.
-. Ability to set monthly and yearly goals and achieve them.

List the expectations for each job responsibility including quality and quantity standards by which the incumbent will be required to perform and receive a rating during the Performance Appraisal. 
Remember to use the SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timing) to describe each Performance Standard.

Performance Standards and Expectations:

1. Maintains more than 99 % of inventory correctness rate and keeps all warehouse clean and risk—free, supervises and coordinate warehouse activities by third party and on time and claim-free delivery of shipping order, and project request for working efficiency and cost saving.
2. Making sure of 100% of service rate in inventory satisfying quality standard and at least 99% of inventory correctness, and guarantee the quality and quantity of products prevented from any risk such as damaged from mishandling, shortage from pilferage, WH security & safety, keeping WH clean and tidy.
3. Guarantee 100% customer service such as on time, claim-free, and right quantity of delivery order, offering the updated information on operation issue, to inside or outside customer, and audit the invoice payable account equal to that of the contracted one offered by third party or vendor and its appropriation. 
4. Spend more time in audits of transactions and how to build up third party service provider in order to improve working efficiency.  
5. Submit monthly and weekly report containing activity results, accomplishments, pending issues to manager. 
6. Maintain positive image / professionalism during duties.


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